A Tryst with Multitasking…

A few days back, I came across an article (unfortunately, don’t remember the source) which summarized the differential abilities of men and women to multitask. Apparently, women are better at multitasking due to a wider corpus callosum (the bridge between the left & right parts of the brain), though there does not seem to be a consensus on this theory. I thought this article was very interesting, probably because I never made a conscious effort to gauge my multitasking abilities and compare them with those of my girl friend (luckily, I don’t see her around..else, all hell will break loose 😉 ). I have taken it upon myself to make an effort in this direction and rate my multitasking abilities in the next one week or so. Either I ‘ll become an example to prove the veracity of this article or I ‘ll become a counter example to disprove the theory…Whatever be the outcome of this effort, I guess it’s a good chance for some introspection…Let’s wait and watch!


~ by srinivas444 on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “A Tryst with Multitasking…”

  1. Please visit my website. There is an active video that talks briefly about the women vs. men multitasking debate.

    Best of luck with the experiment!

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